About Us

We’ve poured everything we know about standing desks (which is rather a lot) into the Aktiv range. Here’s our story.

Great value standing desks, only better

There are lots of cheap standing desks. The trouble is most are cheap in every sense. There aren’t many good standing desks that come at a low price. That was the challenge we set ourselves.

How good could we make a standing desk while keeping the price refreshingly low? It turns out the answer is ‘very good indeed’.

A simple choice

The Aktiv 1. The Aktiv 2. Two desks. One simple choice. You might wonder why, when our competitors have a gazillion different desks in their ranges, we have just two.

The reason is this: we want to keep things simple. Between our two Aktiv desks we’ve covered the needs of about 90% of the standing desk market. Domestic. Commercial. People who need a desk that delivers great value. Hefty load capacity. Low noise. Serious stability and sustainability. For most standing desk users, they’re all you need, so why waste hours comparing endless variations?

And yes, we’re working on the other 10%.

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Desk savvy

We’re not general ‘furniture experts’. We’re not even ‘office furniture experts’. Ask us about, well, virtually anything else and there’s a chance we may just stare at you blankly.

But we really know our standing desks. In an industry that’s still in short pants, we’ve got a combined total of more than half a century of sit/stand desk know-how.

So when you have a question, no-one is better placed to answer it.


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