Buy an Aktiv desk. Grow a forest.

When you buy an Aktiv desk we don’t just plant one tree. We plant 10.

We really are serious about sustainability

Everyone says they’re committed to working sustainably. We really mean it. So of course we’re doing all the things you’d expect us to do as a responsible company. But when it comes to the key components of our desks, we’ve gone a stage further.

All the wood in our desktops is FSC certified and UK grown

Choose an Aktiv standing desk and you know you’re getting a desktop with a low carbon footprint because the wood for every single one is grown here, in FSC-certified forests.

FSC certified means sustainable in every sense

FSC certification doesn’t just mean that our wood comes from well managed forests, where felled timber is balanced by new planting. It’s also a guarantee of conservation values, commitment to biodiversity, community relations, workers’ rights and more.

But what about our standing desk frames?

Aktiv sit/stand desk frames are manufactured in Taiwan. We source our motors and frames there because they offer the best balance of quality engineering and high value. But let’s not pretend that doesn’t mean our frames come with a higher carbon footprint than we would like.

We wanted to do something about that.

Introducing Ecologi

Ecologi is an organisation that helps companies like ours act more sustainably. Their reforestation (and other) projects are helping to combat climate change around the world. They plant trees on our behalf using money we donate for every Aktiv standing desk we sell. It means we can plant lots of trees where they can have the greatest impact, such as here:

Help us grow a really big forest

When you choose an Aktiv desk, we’ll plant 10 trees with Ecologi. Over the lifetime of each tree, that will offset the carbon from our activities many times over.

It's not just about planting, the trees need to be cared for and to grow into a forest, the video below briefly details the amazing service that Ecologi provide to ensure that the planting isn't wasted.  If you've got 7 minutes spare to watch, it's pretty impressive!

Choose your Aktiv desk now, and let’s get planting…