Finished in the UK


Finishing Your Aktiv Standing Desk

We want you to love your Aktiv desk. That’s one of the reasons we finish it ourselves.

Finished in the UK

Control is something we think a lot about. Control over the condition of the standing desk when it leaves us. Control over the way it is packaged. Control over the shipping, so we can say with (near) certainty that your desk will be with you tomorrow.

That’s not (just) us being control freaks. It means we can be sure your sit/stand desk will reach you in a condition we can be proud of. It’s hard to do that when everything happens in a warehouse in China.

That’s why every Aktiv desk is finished in the UK. In fact, the lion’s share of the desk (the part you sit at and work on) never leaves the UK.

Why UK finishing matters

Do you really care that your desk is finished in the UK? Well, consider this. Every Aktiv desktop is made in the UK and sourced from FSC-certified timber grown here. We drill the cable portholes here (if you’ve asked us to). We pre-drill the screw holes where you’ll attach the frame here. That makes it easier to ensure we’re maintaining standards. It means that, if ever there’s a problem, we’re better placed to sort it fast.

And it means you get a standing desk with a much lower carbon footprint than almost all our competitors.

What’s in the box?

A gorgeous desktop. A super-sturdy frame. The bolts and screws to fix them together. And because we’ve pre-drilled starter screw holes in the correct positions, putting the two together is really easy.

What’s in the box?

There’s not much point paying so much attention to what goes in the box if the box itself won’t protect your standing desk. So we pack our desks in a strong, protective cocoon of biodegradable cardboard.

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