Aktiv Guarantees

How long is your Aktiv standing desk guaranteed for? What does the guarantee cover? And what happens if there’s a problem?

Is my Aktiv standing desk guaranteed (and what’s covered)?

Yes, your desk is guaranteed, and every part of it is covered.

The Aktiv 1 comes with a 5-year guarantee on its desktop and a 3 year warranty on everything that sits below the desktop (motor, frame etc). The Aktiv 2 has the same 5-year warranty on the desktop, and a 5-year guarantee on everything else.

What happens if there’s a problem with my standing desk?

We aim to get you sorted in the quickest possible way. Here’s how we’ll do that:

  1. Get in touch. You really would be amazed how often we can resolve issues over the phone or live chat. Often all it takes is a reboot of the control panel or, er, switching your desk on at the wall.
  2. Problem still not solved? We might ask you to send us a quick video so we can see what the issue is (that’s always a big help). Then we’ll send you a replacement part. Our standing desks are designed to be easy to fix, so switching parts out should be simple. We’ll collect the faulty component when you’re ready.
  3. Our standing desks are impressively reliable. Of the tiny proportion that do develop a problem, almost all of them can be fixed simply enough. But if yours is being awkward, we promise we won’t leave you dangling. We’ll sort it and if, ultimately, that means sending you a whole new desk, we will.

How quickly will you sort the problem?

If you report the problem before 2pm and it needs a replacement part, we’ll have it on its way to you the same day. It should be with you tomorrow.

Will you fix my desk for me?

If we installed your desk, yes. If you assembled it yourself, we’ll send you the part for a DIY fix. But we’re always on hand to help and, if you get stuck for any reason, we’ll help unstick you.

What happens if my desk is damaged in transit?

We’ll sort it. First of all, don’t judge a standing desk by its box. Our packaging is seriously robust. Just because a corner of the box gets a bit mangled, it doesn’t mean the desk will be.

When your desk is delivered, please give it a quick check to make sure everything is as it should be. The sooner you do that the better, although don’t feel as though you have to assemble your desk there and then.

If anything is damaged or missing, just give us a call and we’ll send a replacement. All we’ll ask is that you send us a photo of the damage, just so we have the evidence to send the heavies round to our shipping partners.

Get in touch

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